Portals V2 Release
The team at Eternal is happy to announce that V2 will be released this Saturday ( 23/2/19 ), this is the biggest update we are releasing for a long time! Release notes will be published at launch, there are a bunch of more features that are currently nearly finished and will be released in the upcoming months ahead!


We are preparing emails to be sent out to everyone in the following days! We are performing some major changes following the release of v2.

One of these changes are to your portal domains! All portal logins will now be under portal.eternalhub.com this will take effect when version 2 is released. This will make sure the user is able to access portals a lot easier for new and existing users!

Please make sure you and your team are alerted by this change that will take place during the update of v2.

Eternal Hub will be on maintenance for a few hours on Saturday, so make sure all logs are noted down for that day!

There will be CS staff on standby on Discord for immediate support needed by any agencies following the release of V2.
Last Updated: 20 Feb 2019
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